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Bathing the newborn the right way!

Bathing the newborn the right way!

Bathing the newborn the right way!

The focus of mothers is on the new baby’s bath routine.

Few pediatricians suggest delaying a baby’s first bath until they are a few days old. This is so as the baby is covered in vernix, which happens to be a waxy substance on the skin that does protect the baby from germs existing in the environment. Best baby shampoo and body wash is preferred by parents.

In case of availability of hospital delivery, hospital nurses or staff will end up cleaning off the amniotic fluid as well as blood after the baby is born. 

Once the baby is brought home, a sponge bath can be given. The head, body, and diaper area can be cleaned up. This happens to be the safe way to bathe the baby until the umbilical cord falls off.

Once the cord has fallen off on its own, then the parent can begin bathing the baby by submerging the body in a shallow bath.

How to give baby a sponge bath?

The newborn needs to be bathed with a sponge bath for the first few weeks of his or her life. This is indeed the simplest way to clean the baby before the umbilical cord falls off.

Sponge baths happen to be the best way to bathe boys who were circumcised while the circumcision site tends to heal.

Before giving the baby a sponge bath, it is necessary to have all the required supplies ready.

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Supply list

  • padding for hard surfaces, such as a blanket or towel
  • washcloth
  • bowl of warm, not hot, water
  • mild baby soap
  • clean diaper
  • baby towel

Once the supplies are ready then proceed:

  1. Choose a warm room, say about 75°F (23.8°C) for the bath, then remove the baby’s clothes as well as a diaper, and wrap them in a towel.
  2. Lay the baby on a flat surface, like the floor, changing table, or a counter next to a sink, or one’s bed. If the baby is off the ground, then make use of a safety strap or keep one hand on to ensure the baby does not fall.
  3. Unwrap the towel one part at a time to expose only the area of the body you’re washing.
  4. Start at the baby’s face and top of the head: To start with, dip the clean cloth in the warm water. Then make use of only warm water without soap for this step to avoid getting soap in the baby’s eyes or mouth. Wipe the top of the baby’s head and around the outer ears, chin, neck folds, as well as eyes.
  5. Adding a drop or two of soap into the warm water does help. Dip the washcloth in the soapy water and then wring it out.
  6. It is better to make use of soapy water to clean around the rest of the body as well as the diaper area. It is necessary to clean under one’s arms and around the genital area. If the baby was circumcised, avoid cleaning the penis to keep the wound dry unless otherwise directed by one’s baby’s doctor.
  7. Dry off the baby as well as between skin folds. Put on a clean baby diaper. A towel with a built-in hood to keep their head warm while they dry off, too.

In case the newborn boy has been circumcised, follow the doctor’s instructions carefully for keeping the area clean or rather dry until it has healed. This takes about a week to heal. Naturally, using the best baby shampoo and body wash does ensure that baby is not affected in any way.