Free Shipping On All The Orders Above Rs.399/- | Use Code "AUTUMN15" Get 15% OFF |  

 Free Shipping On All The Orders Above Rs.399/- | Use Code "AUTUMN15" Get 15% OFF |  

 Free Shipping On All The Orders Above Rs.399/- | Use Code "AUTUMN15" Get 15% OFF |   

 Free Shipping On All The Orders Above Rs.399/- | Use Code "AUTUMN15" Get 15% OFF |   

 Free Shipping On All The Orders Above Rs.399/- | Use Code "AUTUMN15" Get 15% OFF |   

 Free Shipping On All The Orders Above Rs.399/- | Use Code "AUTUMN15" Get 15% OFF |   

 Free Shipping On All The Orders Above Rs.399/- | Use Code "AUTUMN15" Get 15% OFF |   

 Free Shipping On All The Orders Above Rs.399/- | Use Code "AUTUMN15" Get 15% OFF |   

 Free Shipping On All The Orders Above Rs.399/- | Use Code "AUTUMN15" Get 15% OFF |   



In a world filled with love and wonder, a passionate mom, who was a university gold medalist as a pharmacist, set out to redefine baby care. She envisioned ShuShu Babies as a brand that would provide pure tenderness and nourishment to every child. ShuShu Babies is now India's #1 Ayush Approved baby care products and kids' care essentials brand. We are committed to offering the best baby and kids care, focusing on bath time as a precious moment of bonding and joy. We create gentle and natural skincare products, free from harmful chemicals, to embrace the delicate skin of babies and kids. We aim to transform bath time into a sanctuary of warmth, comfort, and endless joy, fostering love and care for every child.

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Embracing the Beauty of Nature: Our Skin care range is made with the goodness of natural ingredients, allowing you to provide the gentlest care for your little one. ShuShu Babies baby care products and kids care products are made from 100% natural ingredients.

Uncompromising Safety: We understand the importance of your child's safety. That's why we have meticulously curated our products to be free from harmful chemicals, toxins, and artificial additives. You can have peace of mind knowing that your child's skin is in safe hands. Our product range carries all the required baby-safe products like nourishing creams, gentle care shampoos, tear-free shampoos for kids, moisturizing body lotions, and Dermatologist-tested care products.

Nurturing Every Kid: ShuShu Babies is more than just a brand; it's a promise to nurture every child out there with our love-infused products. We want to create a world where every the child feels cherished, protected, and loved, right from their bath time to their bedtime routine. Nurture their delicate skin with gentle care products.

Experience the Tender Love: Discover the Exquisite Range of Skin Care Products

ShuShu Babies - India's #1 Ayush-Approved Baby & Kid Care Essentials Brand

Baby Skin Care Products: Our range of baby skincare essentials is carefully formulated to provide gentle nourishment and hydration for your baby's delicate skin. From our soothing Ubtan Powder to our nourishing Face & Body Lotion, each product is designed to keep your baby's skin soft, supple, and radiant.

Baby Bath Products: Make bath time a delightful experience with our range of baby bath essentials. Our Shampoo & Body Wash and Baby Soap gently cleanse your baby's skin without stripping away its natural moisture. Say hello to clean, happy, and healthy skin after every bath.

Baby Oil Products: Pamper your little one's skin with our baby oil products. Our Body Massage Oil and Hair Oils are lovingly crafted to provide nourishment, strengthen hair, and promote healthy growth. Infused with natural ingredients, these oils are perfect for baby massage and hair care rituals.

Best Ayurvedic Baby Skin Care Products: ShuShu Babies is proud to offer the best ayurvedic baby skin care products in India. Our dedication to using natural ingredients ensures that your baby receives the highest quality care, while also minimizing the environmental impact.

Explore our baby products online and embark on a journey of love, care, and natural indulgence with ShuShu Babies. Your baby's delicate beauty deserves nothing but the best.

Gentle Care for Growing Smiles: Explore Our Kids Care Essentials Collection

Kids Bath Care Products - Embrace the Joy of Cleanliness

Indulge your child in the blissful experience of bath time with our specially formulated kids bath care products. Our Shampoo and Conditioner gently cleanse and nourish their hair, leaving it soft, shiny, and tangle-free. The Face & Body Wash tenderly cleanses without causing dryness. Our Ubtan Powder brings traditional goodness to their bath routine, leaving their skin radiant and supple.

Kids Skin Care Products - Nurture their Innocence, Naturally

Every child deserves the gentlest care for their precious skin. Our kid's skin care products are thoughtfully crafted to provide optimal nourishment and protection. Our Face & Body Lotion envelopes their skin with moisturizing goodness, keeping it smooth and hydrated. We understand the importance of scalp and hair care, which is why our Champi Hair Oil is meticulously blended with natural ingredients to strengthen hair, promote growth, and maintain a healthy scalp.

Kids Oils - The Power of Natural Elixir

Pamper your little one with our range of kids' oils, specially designed to provide holistic care. Our Body Massage Oil, infused with love and care, nourishes their skin, enhances their well-being, and strengthens the bond between parent and child. Each gentle stroke brings them comfort, relaxation, and a sense of security.

Discover the joy of using the best skin care products for kids. Experience the purest ingredients and the tender care of ShuShu Babies. With us, your child's safety and happiness are our top priorities.