The Importance of Ayurvedic Goodness for your Kid.

The Importance of Ayurvedic Goodness for your Kid.

The Importance of Ayurvedic Goodness for your Kid.

Every parent’s ultimate goal is to provide their children with the goodness of Ayurvedic care. However, with hundreds of emerging kid-care brands, it is hardly possible to find products free from harmful chemicals.


Ayurveda and Kids[/caption] Did you know: Your kids’ sensitive skin can absorb almost 60–70% of the products applied to their skin? Having said that, no parent would want their little one to absorb harmful toxins present in most kid care products. It is prudent that you choose mild and gentle care for your kid, which is free from toxic chemicals and filled with rich nutrients. Ayurveda has been used for kid-care since the start of time. It is a natural and most soothing way to keep your baby healthy, wealthy, and happy. A proper kid-care routine is necessary for every child. Just like adults, nourishing skincare naturally keeps the skin radiant and hydrated. However, a kid’s skincare will differ from that of an adult. Kids skincare routine[/caption] As vacations come along, most of the children can be found outdoors. Make sure your kid is well protected on all sunny days. If you’re unsure of your kid’s skincare routine, this article will come in handy. Here you shall find a complete list of Ayurvedic products that you should definitely include in your child’s everyday routine.

The Ayurvedic Cleansing

The Ayurvedic Cleansing[/caption] Cleansing is the first step in every kid-care routine. It is essential that your kid's kid's skin is completely free of all the dirt, toxins, and impurities that latch on during playtime. Applying any product without prior cleansing will only rupture your kid’skid’s delicate skin. To avoid rupturing, you can always opt for a mild ayurvedic cleanser which deeply cleans the skin and makes it healthier and softer. While several cleansers are available, ShuShu Babies Super Strawberry Face and Body Wash enriched with Strawberry and Manjistha extracts is the best buddy for the young superhero of your home.

Nourishing bath time

The Natural Body Wash[/caption] Children’s bath time is all about building a bond and having fun. It is always fun and games when the bath and body wash is tear-free. Your kid will have a happy bath time, and you will have a relaxing experience. However, not everybody’s wash is tear-free and toxin-free. So before purchase, make sure the product is free of harmful chemicals such as parabens, sulfates, and others. You need to pick a product that is the best for your kid and causes no harm to their sweet little eyes. Moreover, you need a product that provides the necessary nourishment to your little one. Use a ShuShu Babies Fruity Orange Body Wash for Kids with Orange and Manjistha extract is perfect for bathing Funtime.

 Deep Hydration and Moisturization

The Moisturizing Care[/caption] Moisturizing is an essential part of every kid-care. Kids have the most tender skin that needs extra care and hydration. A good moisturizer will not only lock the necessary nutrients in your child’s skin but also keep your baby hydrated for longer hours. At the same time, buy a moisturizer for your kid. It is important to use a moisturizer that contributes to the better well-being of your child and does not contain any sort of harmful chemicals. Ensure the lotion is fragrance-free, as high-scented lotions cause damage to your child’s senses and motor organs. While it is hard to find a deeply hydrating moisturizer completely free of toxic ingredients, ShuShu Babies Wild Raspberry Face and Body Lotion for Kids is filled with rich natural extracts of Ayurvedic ingredients such as raspberry, shea butter, cocoa butter, and many more.

How do provide Ayurvedic Nourishment to children?

Ayurvedic Products[/caption] Kid-care products indeed play a major role in providing Ayurvedic care. Harmful or toxin-filled products are sure to slow down the development of children. Whereas, using naturally curated kid-care would instantly boost up the process of organ development in them. ShuShuBabies Naturals is an Ayurvedic baby and kid-care brand that produces naturally created Ayurvedic products procured from the depths of nature. These ingredients are natural, free from harmful synthetic chemicals, and have been used for kid care for ages. The ayurvedic properties of these ingredients have made them a permanent guest in every Indian home. [caption id="attachment_8738" align="alignnone" width="631"] Natural Skin Care[/caption] Ayurveda has been the driving force behind every medical miracle. It is vital to give the best possible care to all the kids. Enticing them with harmful chemicals shall cost adversely in the long run. Shop for ShuShuBabies Naturals online and have them shipped at your doorstep.