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An Ayurvedic Roadmap Towards Green Parenting

An Ayurvedic Roadmap Towards Green Parenting

An Ayurvedic Roadmap Towards Green Parenting

Green parenting is all about making environmentally healthy choices every day for the rest of your life for yourself and your children.

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We all come from nature and it is natural to where we belong. One cannot simply neglect the importance of preserving nature’s life while living out their own. Parents face a greater responsibility towards building an environmentally-friendly future as it is they who have the power to shape the foundation of young minds. If you’re new to the topic, you might want to learn more about green parenting. You can understand the complete concept with the help of the following guide,

Your Ultimate Guide towards Green Parenting.

A greater responsibility lies in the hands of the parents. Children practice what their parents teach. They learn from their parent's actions. To turn our young ones into nature lovers, we ourselves need to practice green parenting. These small practices also help us bring back our ancestral legacy of Ayurveda which is 100% safe for our children.

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If you struggle finding out ways to practice green parenting, here’s a guide for you to make your life simple as a green parent.

Greener Kid care

Green Parenting

When we say greener kid care we do not strictly mean sticking to a green diet. Of course, going vegan is a great way to start your journey towards green parenting. However, it is a personal choice. But, you can definitely make a nature-friendly choice by opting for vegan and cruelty-free kid care.

A vegan kid care range comprises products that do not include any animal fats. Cruelty-free kid care means that no products are tested on animals. Such products ensure maximum protection to multiple ecosystems. So the next time you go shopping for your kid, ensure that each product you buy is vegan and cruelty-free.

Biodegradable Packaging

Biodegradable packaging

Non-biodegradable waste causes the most harm to mother nature. It lies on the surface for decades disrupting the natural flow of nature. Most kid care products are sold under non-biodegradable packaging. This kind of plastic, when consumed by animals, leads to serious damage. When mixed with water bodies, this waste deteriorates marine life.

Such disastrous outcomes are caused by almost every kid care brand. To limit this damage, it is prudent for you as a parent to look for products that are sold in biodegradable packaging. At the same time, make sure the products contain ayurvedic ingredients for the health of your little one.

Cotton Clothing

Cotton plant

Chemicals have taken over the world. Nothing you wear has escaped the trap of chemicals. New and new materials have been invented in the past decade with the help of technology and chemicals. However, providing your child with chemically infused clothing may irritate their skin giving rise to rashes, dryness, and body acne.

According to the age-old ayurvedic legacy, your kid must grow up wrapped in the goodness of nature. Pure cotton clothing is skin-friendly, light, and curated from the depths of nature. They are gentle on the skin and cause no harm to your munchkin. So give your small one a complete wardrobe makeover with cotton clothing.

Reusable Future

Jute bags

Often than not we find ourselves using the same things just in new packaging. It’s a waste to use daily products as new every day. Earlier, there wasn’t a solution, but now there is. We changed from plastic straws to paper straws to help lessen the load on our environment. However, a paper straw is made by cutting trees. So more or less, nature is harmed.

But, we are human, we evolve. Go for steel straws from paper straws, cotton, or jute bags from poutine bags. Opt for plantable accessories rather than plastic ones. Small choices every day helps us help nature in a million ways. Imparting the same values in our children, built their foundation as nature lovers.

Where to find Greener Kid Care?

ShuShu Babies

There are very few brands that use degradable plastic for marketing their products. One completely biodegradable kid-care brand is ShuShu Babies. It is an Ayurvedic baby and kid-care brand that produces naturally created Ayurvedic products procured from the depths of nature and packed in the finest degradable plastic. These containers are predominantly processed to save the earth from further damage. While the packaging takes care of the earth, the natural ingredients provide the best care to your child. The ayurvedic properties of these ingredients have made them a permanent guest in every Indian home.

Green-Parenting has been the driving force behind the health of Mother Earth. It is vital and the best way to save the planet for future superheroes. Enticing them with non-biodegradable plastic shall cost adversely in the long run.

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