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5 Creative Ways to Keep Your Baby Happy and Hydrated.

5 Creative Ways to Keep Your Baby Happy and Hydrated.

5 Creative Ways to Keep Your Baby Happy and Hydrated.

Hydration and happiness go hand in hand. A hydrated baby is a happy baby and a dehydrated one is a cranky one. As their skin is yet to fully develop, keeping them hydrated is important.


Children live in their world. They are unbothered by the problems of the world and leave the worries about their health in the hands of their guardian. As parents, even if we pre-plan every day of their childhood, we are bound to make tons of mistakes. This is because they are unpredictable.

There is a constant battle between their happiness and hydration. More often than not, the things that keep them hydrated are hated by them. Therefore, we need to find a common ground or at least make hydration fun for them.

Newborn Baby

External hydration is just one way to keep them away from dehydration. Whereas, there are multiple ways you can try out to naturally hydrate their body without upsetting their mood. As most parents struggle with the issue, we have devised a roadmap that is true for every kid.

We went back to our senior grandparents and asked them how they managed to keep us healthy and hydrated throughout childhood. Well, we received some interesting answers. We found some common creative ways and listed them out to minimize the struggle of fellow parents.

Hydrating and Nourishing Bathing

Baby bath

With all the extra care and clothing, sweating is pretty common in babies. Sometimes, excessive playtime may also lead to sweating. This in turn causes uneasiness and irritation to the skin. Therefore, to avoid the occurrence of a fussy baby, it is recommended to shower them with a nourishing bath at least once a day. A combination of ayurvedic ingredients and lukewarm water is perfect to provide them with all the hydration they need.

 Soothing after Bath Routine

Baby body lotion

Bathing and cleansing aren’t enough if you’re not taking care of their skin post the shower time. The tender skin of babies requires much more than the application of a non-allergic powder. A moisturizing after-bath routine ensures that there is no occurrence of rashes or infections in their sensitive baby areas. A blend of the soothing and calming face and body lotion will provide them with the necessary calmness their skin requires.

 Keep them Indoors


The safest way to keep them from dehydration is to keep them indoors. The outside world is filled with dust, dirt, bacteria, and everything that can potentially harm your newborn’s sensitive skin. However, Vitamin D is also essential for the initial growth of babies. Therefore, if need be, take them out only to get the morning sun. If you still need to take them out, make sure they are very well protected.

Cotton to the Rescue

Cotton Diapers

Harsh fabrics have a way of rupturing the sensitive skin of babies. Especially when the baby has not been exposed to multiple fabrics, wrapping them up with fabrics that are unfamiliar to their skin may only lead to skin irritation. There are only a few fabrics that are babies’ skin-friendly, cotton is one of them. Pure cotton clothes are light and soft on the skin. At times, it can even be used instead of diapers.

Shut the Sunburns

Baby in Stroller

The sun is getting hotter with every passing year. The strong rays of the sun can cause multiple skin conditions that can have prolonged effects. Plus, the little ones are at greater risk due to their delicate skin. While adults can protect themselves with necessary care, children require guardians to protect their skin. When they come of age and cross the barrier of 3 years, start integrating a natural sunscreen into their everyday routine to shield them against the harsh sunburns.

Where to find hydrating baby care?

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Natural ingredients have been the driving force behind every medical miracle. Enticing them with harmful chemicals shall cost adversely in the long run. It is vital to give the best possible care to all the kids.

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