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4 Reasons why ShuShu Babies is the Best Care for your baby

4 Reasons why ShuShu Babies is the Best Care for your baby

4 Reasons why ShuShu Babies is the Best Care for your baby

Children deserve the best care, so we at ShuShu Babies combined the ancient legacy of Indian ayurveda with modern-day medicine to provide the most soothing and natural care to your little angels

There are endless baby and kid care brands present in the market. But, how many promises to be 100% safe and gentle on their sensitive skin? Given the number of companies specializing in baby products, it can be challenging for new parents to pick the best one for their child Countless factors need to be considered before selecting the best baby care product. The more pressing question is where to begin, what to look for, and what to avoid Every product is a combination of several ingredients. No brand would intentionally hurt its target audience's feelings. The bulk of harmful chemicals is avoided by brands. However, some toxic chemicals are found in baby products. This is mostly done to stretch the life of the products. But not at ShuShu Babies.

It is nearly impossible to find the right childcare for your child in today's world. Instead of succumbing to marketing tricks, you should be properly informed about all of the harmful chemicals present in your baby care products. Therefore, here you can find all the reasons why ShuShu Babies is the best match for your babies in their childhood years. It is Ayush-approved. It is Cruelty-free It is Ayurvedic It is Doctor-recommended. Where to shop ShuShu Babies from?

It is Ayush-approved

AYUSH is an acronym for Ayurveda, Yoga & Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha, and Homeopathy. It is a standard for the medical systems practiced in India. Only the companies following the medical philosophies that represent a way of healthy living and promote disease prevention are approved by Ayush ShuShu Babies is an Ayush-approved brand, which means each of its products is made using ayurvedic and natural herbs. There are only a handful of baby brands that have Ayush certification as the use of harmful chemicals automatically nullifies the approval. Therefore, only a toxin-free brand can achieve this certification. ShuShu Babies is one of them

It is Cruelty-free

Cruelty-free products are healthier, contain fewer chemicals than regular ones, and are completely vegan. They also help save animals, protect the environment, and are gentler on children’s skin. They are composed of natural, gentle, and harmless ingredients Several baby brands use harmful chemicals like sulphates and parabens and test them on animals before launching their products. As ShuShu Babies does not test any of their products on animals they are automatically milder and safer for your child. Additionally, cruelty-free products make our planet better

It is Ayurvedic

Ayurveda is one of the best alternatives to modern-age chemical-filled care. Every product of ShuShu Babies is made with ayurvedic herbs and plants which ensures its purity and safety. Thousands of years of study and development make Ayurveda a unique way to keep common childhood illnesses such as dryness, eczema, and skin irritation at bay and build a stronger immune system in children. Using ayurvedic goodness right from childhood inculcates a nature-loving attitude in kids which later encourages them to practice green living. Plus, it is all-natural and therefore has no side effects. This makes it entirely safe for your little ones.

It is Doctor-recommended

Pediatricians are child doctors who have received special training to care for our tiny humans. They are also our well-wishers when it comes to caring for our children. They can determine what is wrong and recommend the best solution for immediate relief A child's skin is the most sensitive part of their body. It is extremely sensitive and can react to any chemical instantly. Therefore, doctors always recommend gentle, chemical-free care for them. Mrs. Sulakshana Reddy, the founder of ShuShu Babies, is a pharmacist who understands the importance of natural and gentle products for babies

Where to shop ShuShu Babies from?

Baby care indeed plays a serious role in providing natural care. Harmful or toxic ingredients are bound to cause severe damage & slow down their development. Whereas using naturally curated baby care would instantly boost the method of organ development in them.  ShuShuBabies Naturals is an Ayurvedic baby and kid-care brand that produces naturally created Ayurvedic products procured from the depths of nature. You can find all these ingredients in ShuShu Babies Baby and Kid’s shower care range.  These ingredients are natural, free from harmful synthetic chemicals, and are used for baby care for ages. The ayurvedic properties of those ingredients have made them a permanent guest in every Indian home. Natural ingredients are the driving force behind every medical miracle. Enticing them with harmful chemicals shall cost adversely in the long run. It's vital to give the best possible care to all babies. Shop for ShuShuBabies Naturals online and have them shipped to your doorstep