Winter Skin Care for Babies and Toddlers

Winter Skin Care for Babies and Toddlers

Parents can use toddler shampoo and body wash to ensure healthy baby skin. Natural baby shampoo and conditioner are some of the other products that help keep a baby’s skin soft.

Babies and Toddlers skin is usually soft but at times can become dry too. Some kids are genetically predisposed to dryness, but kids have skin that is sensitive and delicate and is vulnerable to fluctuating weather. It does make sense to make use of toddler shampoo and body wash-like products.

Other factors causing dryness in baby’s skin

There are plenty of other reasons for dry, chapped skin, such as spending too much time in the tub or even perhaps the pool, being outside in cold weather or even inside in dry heat, and sensitivity to chemicals as well as fragrances in certain soaps as well as lotions. Teething drool and irritating foods do smear the baby’s cheeks can affect the softness of the skin.

Tips for protecting the baby or toddler’s skin during winter

The wintertime means that the skin of the babies and toddlers is rather susceptible to the harsh, dry climate. Natural baby shampoo and conditioner are useful to use in the wintertime to ensure soft baby skin.

How to prevent dry skin, chapped cheeks of babies in winter?

  • Keep baths lukewarm – Babies, especially newborns need not have a daily bath. Three times a week is sufficient and the focus needs to be on the diaper area. Babies and young children can have a 15-minute bath in lukewarm water, and then need to be pat dried and moisturize at once all over.
  • Getting soap-smart – Sweet-smelling soaps are worth using as they do clean up the baby well. Also, a cleanser turns out to be soap-free as well a fragrance-free can indeed retain moisture in one’s child’s dry skin. Avoid scrubbing the kids clean, but wash gently and pat dry, not rub with a soft towel.
  • Hydrate on the inside – Babies do not need any additional liquids beyond breast milk or formula until they do turn out to be 4 and 6 months old. Focusing on breast milk as well as the formula does keep the baby well hydrated and also does help ensure that baby does get all the additional nutrients that are indeed required by him or her.
  • Toddlers, on the other hand, need to drink plenty of water. He or she should be given a nutritious diet for a good complexion, such as healthy fats such as avocados as well as salmon.
  • Use the right moisturizer – Moisturizers can be enormously helpful in preventing and treating a baby’s dry skin. For kids with very dry or sensitive skin, stick to products that do contain both water as well as oils but no fragrances and few chemical additives. For ensuring the best results, applying moisturizer generously after bath time, even while the skin of the child is still slightly damp helps. For dry skin with particularly rough patches, prefer to opt for a super-emollient ointment. If the child tends to have dry skin, making use of cream instead of a lotion and hydrating twice daily, if required is worth considering.
  • Avoid overheating the house – Low temps, as well as chilly winds, can lead to chapped skin for both the parent and the baby. To combat the cold, a person may get tempted to make the home very warm with a turbo-blast of heat, but overheated air can indeed dry out skin even more. Keep the house comfortable but cool for the child to sleep well. A humidifier can be placed.
  • Choosing skin sensitive laundry soap – Laundry soap can indeed make a baby’s skin dry as well as irritated if it does include harsh chemicals as well as fragrance. Switching to a fragrance-free, baby-friendly brand to eliminate skin-drying agents.

Top winter skincare problems in babies and toddlers

Dry winter skin in babies as well as toddlers

Sometimes baby’s skin is rather prone to dryness no matter what you do, especially in the winter. Toddler shampoo and body wash need to be used in winter.

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