Must-Know Facts about Baby’s Skin

Must-Know Facts about Baby’s Skin

Must-Know Facts about Baby’s Skin

Best natural skin care products for a newborn baby can prove good for a newborn baby’s skincare. Pure organic baby products can be tried out for good results.

A newborn baby’s skin is no doubt very fragile and sensitive. Baby’s skin does become resilient and healthy and requires extra care as well as attention during the initial months.

Parents need to use the best natural skin care products for newborn babies.

Baby’s skin is five times thinner than adult skin.

The Baby’s soft skin needs to be moisturized. As a baby’s skin is thinner and is also fragile than adult skin, it does require a lotion to lock in moisture. Use a moisturizing lotion after bathing to help retain moisture in the baby’s tender skin as well as keep dryness away. It is good to go in for a lotion that contains the goodness of Olive Oil, Almond Oil, as well as Licorice as these products will help keep the baby’s skin soft as well as supple all day long.

The cradle cap is rather normal and will go away.

A Baby’s scalp is equally important as the rest of his or her skin. Cradle cap happens to be a common condition and is not usually connected with baby hygiene. The greasy, yellow, as well as flaky dandruff, may look or smell bad. To avoid this, herbal shampoo containing the antidandruff action of Chickpea, Hibiscus meant to soften hair, and Khus Grass with its antibacterial as well as antifungal properties can be used. Washing and oiling a baby’s hair and scalp regularly does nourish.

Massage can promote a baby’s growth cum skin health.

Massage is one of the ideal ways to help a baby build a bond with his or her parents. It helps to learn how to handle the baby. Baby’s fragile skin requires an unscented, light well as natural oil rich in Vitamin E. It is good to make use of massage oil that is formulated with the right combination of natural essentials such as Aloe Vera, Olive Oil, and Winter Cherry, which will help promote baby’s growth as well as development and keep skin soft as well as lustrous. Pure organic baby products can nourish the skin well.

 Babies get acne and rashes too.

Baby’s skin can also be prone to pimples, whiteheads, minor rashes, and also peeling of the skin. The reason could be anything from a liquid that happens to be too warm, or a dry as well as a crisp environment. These skin conditions do not irritate the baby. While the baby’s skin eventually does develop immunity against such issues, the baby’s skin will indeed be back to normal without treatment. Baby’s skin can be well taken care of with wellness products containing herbs.

Newborn skin can turn out to be ten times more sensitive than adult’s

A baby’s skin still does need to adapt to a new environment. Unlike that of the adult, the newborn baby’s skin is thinner and may not fully mature for up to 12 months. It absorbs as well as loses water faster, thus leaving it vulnerable to dryness and irritation. Infant skin can be prone to conditions such as atopic dermatitis and eczema.

Water alone is not sufficient enough to clean the nappy area

 The skin of the newborn needs to be clean from impurities, especially the nappy area. Water is not sufficient to clean away harmful irritants in urine as well as faucal matter, which can cause the delicate skin barrier to break down and lead to redness as well as rashes. It is better to avoid products with harsh ingredients.

 Avoid using adult wash on baby skin…

It is better to choose an ultra-mild bath baby wash that has been specifically developed for delicate newborn skin. It is better to select balanced, alcohol-free, dye-free, allergy tested and a 100% soap-free wash.


Best natural skin care products for a newborn can do wonders.


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