Lotion on Newborns: When to Apply along with Safety Tips

Lotion on Newborns: When to Apply along with Safety Tips

Parents prefer to use natural baby lotion and of course natural baby lotion for dry skin. After all, a healthy baby’s skin means a healthy baby. Glowing skin makes the baby look radiant and happy.

The skin of the baby is soft as well as sensitive. Proper moisturizing and protection from the sun are essential as well as regular cleaning helps to keep the baby’s skin free of dirt, germs, dryness, as well as a rash.

The natural baby lotion is much essential during dry seasons to ensure that the skin remains soft and healthy. Natural baby lotion is good to use.

Do Newborns Need Lotion?

Making use of natural baby lotion for dry skin is very useful.

A baby usually has a protective layer on his or her skin when in the mother’s womb. This layer is referred to as vernix caseosa, and it does protect the baby’s skin from drying up too much or becoming too moist. Post-birth, the vernix does begin to shed, which does give a flaky appearance to the baby’s skin. This process is indeed quite normal. However, newborns might not need lotion or baby oil as their skin does remain moist until the vernix leaves the skin.

When To Use Lotion On A Newborn?

The tender skin of one’s newborn does require attention as their routine feedings. To protect the skin of baby skin from drying as well as maintaining a soft texture, the parent has to apply a gentle product to moisturize the skin. Natural baby lotion can be made use for babies to have healthy skin.

When to apply lotion on a newborn?

  • Apply lotion all across the body immediately after bath. This does help reduce the chances of the baby’s skin becoming dry as well as flaky. Also, using mild baby soap for bathing reduces the risk of excessive dryness.
  • Use a lotion on areas that do look dry. It does help heal the skin as well as keep it moist. In case, baby’s skin appears drier than usual, then it is better to apply lotion two to four times a day.

Safety Measures while applying lotion

These safety measures need to be followed while applying lotion to the baby’s skin

  • It is important to ensure that there is no contact with the eyes. Babies do tend to put their hands in their mouth as well as their eyes, and if a person applied a generous coat of cream, it may indeed cause a reaction.
  • Applying lotion immediately after a bath to prevent dry, irritable skin.
  • Avoid using a moisturizer that does contain food as well as plant products as they may indeed disrupt the skin as well as cause irritation cum allergic reactions.
  • Avoid dipping one’s finger or a spoon to take out the cream from the bottle of lotion. This will cause contamination of the cream.
  • Make use of flip-top or twist-up lotion tubes. Direct contact from the tube to the baby’s skin will tend to lower the risk of contamination.
  • Make use of a lotion for the baby’s skin more frequently if there is persistent dryness.

How to select the proper lotion for the newborn?

  • Professional help: Talking to the baby’s pediatrician and choosing the products they suggest to ensure the product is safe for the baby.
  • Read instructions: Reading the instructions as well as ingredients on the product helps. Trying to avoid anything that consists of several chemicals as well as toxins as it could lead to irritated skin.
  • Be well informed: Try to find out information from other reputable sources regarding the lotion is beneficial. The parent can check online or take direct advice from his or her skin specialists.
  • Go for a mild lotion: Pick a specially designed lotion for babies as it will be mild. A strong cosmetic is not recommended for babies as it may contain high levels of chemicals.

Thus taking care of baby skin is important.

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