How to Treat Dry Skin in Toddlers

How to Treat Dry Skin in Toddlers

The boiling sun drains all the hydration from your kids’ skin. With the sun shining bright on your kids’ skin, the delicate skin falls victim to the harsh climate. It is days like these when their skin requires the most hydration.

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Dehydrated skin can cause various childhood skin conditions such as dryness, flakiness, redness, irritation, infection, and itching. Even though most dryness is transient, children with dry skin are more vulnerable to damage. During the summer, your kids’ oil glands cannot produce the necessary amount of oil for healthy skin.

Skin Dryness is common in kids irrespective of the weather. Even though water treats the majority of dryness issues, it is hard to get kids to drink water time and again for prolonged hydration. Therefore, as parents, you need to take a few precautions to avoid dryness in kids in the first place. This can be a challenging task as kids absolutely hate maintaining a daily skincare routine.

Dry Skin

Dry skin can benefit greatly from a simple routine that includes natural moisturization. Starting your kid’s day with a hydrating moisturizer can provide their skin with the necessary nourishment for healthy skin. There are several ways to offer moisturization externally. Here you shall find a complete list of them.

You can jump on to any of the topics to get a complete overview of and benefits of natural hydration.

 A Morning Massage
Baby Massages

Massages are a great way to provide natural hydration to your kids. A blend of hydrating essential oils instantly spikes up the water level of your kids’ skin. Plus, it simultaneously strengthens bones and accelerates muscle and hair growth.

A hydrating scalp and body massage deeply nourishes and gets absorbed instantly deep within the skin. Morning massage ensures day-long hydration. However, if you’re unable to treat your young one with regular massages, you must at least provide one massage session per week. This will keep their skin healthy and hydrated.

Refreshing Bath Session
Baby Bath Time

Dry skin is a result of poor nourishment and abrupt shredding of dead skin cells. Timely removal of dead skin cells is necessary for healthy and bubbly skin. At times, impurities latch onto your child’s body and restrict the growth of new skin cells. This causes the skin to become dry, flaky, and itchy.

A hydrating and nourishing bath session with ayurvedic ingredients known to fight the stubborn impurities will help your baby break free from the cycle of dry skin. You can always spice up baby bath time with their favorite ingredients, such as chocolate and strawberries. These ingredients have been used for centuries for their hydrating properties.

 Daily Moisturization
Body Lotion

Patting the skin dry after a fun bath time without locking in the hydration and moisture shall again lead to skin dryness. A moisturizer helps contain all the necessary skin nutrients and provides hydration for longer hours. Moisturization is essential irrespective of the skin and weather conditions.

Choosing an ayurvedic source of hydration for everyday moisturization can prove very beneficial for your children. Pure and natural shea butter, cocoa butter, and almond oil work wonders in providing deep hydration from within. They are purely natural and cause no harm, keeping skin dryness in control.

SPF Control
Kid’s SPF

SPF protection is necessary for every kid, irrespective of their age. It does not only protect against sunburns and suntans but also keeps the pollutants from entering the skin. It actively fights skin-drying bacteria and allows the skin to breathe naturally.

Ensure that your child’s SPF comprises all the natural ingredients to avoid any allergic reaction to the skin. Combining rose essence in the daily SPF also retains the skin’s natural glow. If you’re unable to find a suitable SPF, use this guide to make your search easier.

How to Choose the Perfect SPF for Your Kid

Which kid care brand can treat dry skin?
ShuShu Babies Naturals

Kid-care products indeed play a major role in curbing dry skin. Harmful or toxin-filled products are sure to cause irritation to children’s delicate skin. Whereas using naturally curated kid care would instantly boost up the hydration and provide deeper nourishment. ShuShuBabies Naturals is an Ayurvedic baby and kid-care brand that produces naturally created Ayurvedic products procured from the depths of nature. These ingredients are natural, free from harmful synthetic chemicals, and have been used for kid care for ages. The ayurvedic properties of these ingredients have made them a permanent guest in every Indian home.

Ayurveda has been the driving force behind every medical miracle. It is vital to give the best possible care to all the kids. Enticing them with harmful chemicals shall cost adversely in the long run.

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