How to Stimulate Your Child’s Senses

How to Stimulate Your Child’s Senses

Childhood is the most important phase of your kid’s life. The development of the 5 fundamental senses takes place in their initial years.

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Your child perceives things differently than you. They take in information from their surroundings and develop reflexes accordingly. Eyesight, hearing, taste, touch, and smell are among the five most important senses. It is prudent for you as a parent to stimulate these senses in your kids.

Why is sensory stimulation important in kids?

Sensory stimulation is a vital part of childhood growth. It makes your child self-aware of their surroundings and promotes brain development. In their initial years, it is important for children to build curiosity, enhance attention span, improve nervous system development and enhance memory.

When children are exposed to digital gadgets and synthetic chemicals and deprived of natural stimulations, they are unable to develop sensory reflexes; hence, lack general motor skills. This can lead to concerning disorders in the years to follow. Your child might become a victim of severe mental disorders such as autism and Dyslexia which are a result of poor sensory reflexes. Therefore, it is prudent for you as a parent to stimulate the primary senses in your child.

If you’re a concerned parent, worried about stimulating senses in your child, then this article shall prove useful to you. Here you shall find a brief overview of the five senses, ways to stimulate them, and what to avoid during sensory development. You can click in any particular sense to directly learn more about them.

Kid’s eyesight

What is eyesight?

Eyesight is your child’s ability to see and perceive objects in their surroundings. Children are sensitive to bright lights and are more likely to respond to dim, soft light.

How do Stimulate eyesight in children?

It’s always advisable to stimulate eyesight naturally with the use of environmental elements. Play games that develop visual curiosity in your kids. Occasional peek-a-boo, where’s your nose, etc., is a great way of making them aware of their surroundings. Read out stories that have colorful pictures, and bring home jigsaw puzzles and other such board games that require visual activity.

What to avoid during eyesight development in children?

The eyes of young children are to be handled with care. Avoid overexposure to irritants in bath products. Choose a child-care brand that is free from harmful chemicals. Reframe your kid from using digital gadgets as UV light can lead to poor eyesight.

Kid’s Hearing sense

What is hearing?

A hearing aid is your child’s potential to respond to neighboring sounds. The ear is a tender organ and takes years to develop.

How do Stimulate a sense of hearing in kids?

Children are more responsive to loud noises instead of hushed voices. To make them aware of faint noises, call them towards you, make use of wind chimes, take them to parks and have them interact with birds and domestic animals. This shall help them resonate a sound to a picture/animal and improve memory,

What to avoid during hearing development in kids?

Avoid loud and noisy places at all times. Your child may get confused when they hear multiple sounds at once. This shall cause stress on their ear, leading to irritation.

Taste in Children

What is Taste?

Children’s ability to taste foods using their taste buds is known as the sense of taste. Studies prove that during childhood, most babies can only distinguish between sweet and bitter tastes.

How do Stimulate taste sense in babies?

Include lots of fruits and vegetables in their diet and have them distinguish the taste themselves. Play games and reward them with savory treats such as lime water, honey water, yogurt, etc.

What to avoid during taste development in babies?

Make sure taste is not developed by edible toys, playground mud, or artificial nipple use. Edible toys and nipples contain harmful preservatives. Kid-care products also need to be free from toxic chemicals and must not harm children if tasted or swallowed.

Touch in Children

What is Touch?

Touch is the most important sense built through parent-kid bonding. Your kid’s ability to distinguish warmth, textures, shapes and other things are known as the sense of touch.

How do Stimulate a sense of touch in children?

Cuddling, tickling, and lukewarm baths are some of the best ways to improve touch in kids. Hold them more often than not, let them hold your hand while walking. The best way to stimulate touch in children is regular soothing massages with natural essential oils. It helps you bond deeper with your kid.

What to avoid during touch development in children?

Protect your kid against skin irritant products. Any product containing Parabens, Phthalates, Sulphates, dyes, etc would feel harsh to your baby’s sensitive skin. Reframe from brushing off harsh fabrics against kids’ skin as they may cause rashes and irritation.


Kid with a flower
What is Smell?

The smell is the only sense that can make or break your child’s mood. They often cry due to the pungent smell and enjoy a good night’s sleep in a mild fragrance.

How do Stimulate a sense of smell in kids?

Natural fragrance from flowers, and fruits, in fact, your body odor would quickly stimulate the sense of smell in them. Treat and nourish them with naturally fragranced products such as fruit-filled bath products, mild massage oils, etc.

What to avoid during smell development in kids?

Stay away from every kid-care product that contains perfumes, synthetic fragrances, or any word even remotely related to scents. A heavy fragrance is deemed to cause allergic reactions in your children which may lead to adverse effects, such as respiratory disorders in kids.

 How do stimulate senses with the help of kid-care?
Baby care

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