Harmful chemicals found in your kid-care products.

Harmful chemicals found in your kid-care products.

Every parent aims to provide their child with the safest and the most natural care.

More and more parents are switching to green-parenting to dodge the commercialization of kid care products.

Baby Care

Every product is a fusion of multiple ingredients. No brand would want to hurt the sentiments of its audience purposely. Most of the harmful chemicals are avoided by brands themselves. Yet, you can find a few toxic chemicals infused in baby products. This is mostly done to increase the shelf-life of the products. These ingredients are mentioned in a negligible manner and can easily escape your eyes. Therefore, you need to scan the ingredient list thoroughly before buying the kid-care for your little one.

It is almost impossible to find the right kid-care for your child when some of the brightest minds in the world are working 24*7 to manipulate you into purchasing their kid care products. Instead of falling for the marketing tactics, you must rightfully be informed about all the harmful chemicals present in your baby care products.

What are some of the most harmful ingredients for children?

Many ingredients cause allergic reactions to your baby’s skin. Overexposure may also lead to several long-term side effects. Parabens, added fragrance, Phthalates, Sulphates, dyes, etc., are some of the ingredients that cause significant harm over time. Make sure your-kid care products are free from all of them.

This article shall talk about the toxic chemicals that need to be avoided yet are widely used in kid-care products. You can jump on any of the following links to know directly about the harmful ingredient and their side effects on babies’ or kids’ skin.


What are the harmful effects of Parabens?
Toxic Chemicals

Parabens are mainly used in foamy products such as soaps, body wash, shampoos, etc. They are particularly used for their wash-off properties. They are present as a preservative in multiple kid-care and beauty products.

Prolonged usage of paraben can cause severe irritation to the sensitive skin of your baby and toddler; hence, they should be avoided at all costs. The skin’s excessive absorption of paraben can lead to hormone dysfunctions and metabolism disorders. To keep your child safe, you may want to look at the ingredients list to ensure the product is paraben-free.

 What are the side effects of synthetic fragrances in baby products?
Synthetic Chemicals

Artificial fragrances are another leading cause of allergic skin reactions in children. If you find perfumes, synthetic fragrances, or any word even remotely related to scents in the ingredient list, stay 10ft. away from such products.

More than 95% of the contents in a perfume contain synthetic chemicals. Chronic use of a particular fragrance has adverse effects, such as respiratory disorders in kids. On the other hand, natural scents are unlikely to cause allergic reactions. You can use essential oils with a mild fragrance which is generally a blend of natural extracts.

What are the drawbacks of Sulphate in kid care products?
Sodium Lauryl

Sodium Lauryl, sodium Laureth or any other sulfate blend are known to intensely irritate the tender and gentle skin of your baby. They are largely found in kid and adult skincare products. You can find them in leather products such as toothpaste, body washes, etc. Overexposure to sulfates can result in eczema outbreaks.

Sulfates aren’t highly harmful, but they can definitely cause redness, dryness, or itching to a child’s sensitive skin. It is better if you choose sulfate-free care for your child.

 What are the side effects of Phthalates in baby products?
Side effects of Phthalates in baby products

You can find Phthalates in most child-care products. While they are known to be preservatives of harmful chemicals, studies have shown that prolonged exposure may result in human development glitches, long-term skin allergies, and poor health of reproductive organs.

Phthalates preservative compounds limit bacterial growth. Repeated use of such preservatives irritates your child’s sensitive skin. Thus, you must always opt for phthalate-free kid-care. Although most brands have voluntarily restricted the use of phthalates, it is better to double-check the ingredient list to trace back any harmful chemicals that could be present in your child-care products.

What is the importance of an ingredient list?
Baby Care Routine

Providing babies with the best skincare that keeps their skin healthy and nourished is the ultimate goal of every parent. A good kid-care product consists of all the necessary ingredients to keep them healthy, wealthy, and rich. An ingredient list speaks about the quantity and quality of a product. It provides factual data which helps you make the right decision. All the ingredients must be made visible, and absolute transparency is maintained. If you find a product where the ingredients are unclear, it’s best to avoid the product.

Which brand is free of all the harmful chemicals?

ShuShu Babies Naturals is an Ayush-approved natural brand, free from harmful chemicals. The Ayurvedic formula used for the nourishing care of your kid is rich in natural nutrients, which are essentials for your child’s sensitive skin. The natural ingredients of ShuShu Babies Naturals are incredibly gentle on your baby’s skin and do not cause any harmful side effects.


ShuShu Babies

ShuShu Babies

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