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Babies are parents’ favorite angels, and we know, when it comes to them there is no compromise. Therefore, we came up with an all natural and cruelty-free, vegan baby-care range. We are known to provide the best care to your little one. That’s the reason we use the most nourishing blend of ayurvedic ingredients and not any harmful chemicals.
  1. 1. Calming Lavender - Face And Body Lotion The ayurvedic goodness of lavender deeply hydrates and moisturizes babies skin. It prevents rashes, skin itchiness, and sunburns but also soothes and enhances the natural softness.

  2. 2. Orange And Mandarin - Face And Body Lotion The natural wellness of orange and mandarin helps lock-in the moisture and provide long hours of hydration to your baby’s skin. It also helps with skin itchiness, rashes, and sunburns.

  3. 3. Fragrance Free - Face And Body Lotion The fragrance-free nourishment provides the perfect moisturization that keeps your baby happy and hydrated all day long. It greatly enhances the natural glow of your baby's tender skin.