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Natural Ways to keep Children skin safe from Winter Dryness

Natural Ways to keep Children skin safe from Winter Dryness

Natural Ways to keep Children skin safe from Winter Dryness

Cold weather leads to various skin problems, such as diaper rash, dry skin, and sunburn. Fortunately, the majority of these illnesses are treatable with the proper skincare

There's a lot for a baby to enjoy during the winter. However,, it can also be the worst period for your kid's sensitive skin. Cold, dry air can reduce moisture in the atmosphere. And if you're not careful, young skin can easily go from smooth to cracky Winter is particularly harsh on your child's skin because of the combination of low humidity, cold temperatures, and wind The temperature changes in the weather cause your baby shuffle between the cold outdoors and the heated indoors. Therefore, it becomes imperative to provide extra care for your baby's skin

Natural Ways to keep Children skin safe from Winter Dryness


 Whether we like winters are here to stay. Therefore, we need to take necessary precautions to keep their skin healthy and hydrated during the winter months.

  • Winter Champi
  • Fragrance-free Bathtime.
  • The goodness of Arrowroot
  • Hypoallergenic moisturizer.
  • Limit the sun.
  • Where to find natural winter care for children?

Winter Champi

With the weather growing dry, it is important to provide the right amount of essential oils to keep their hair and body moisturzed. A good massage also relaxed the body while strengthening the body muscles. Massages in winters are extremely helpful as it ensures a good blood flow and keeps children baby warm from within. It also stimulates sensory organs and helps in the production of healthy blood cells Warm a small amount of ShuShu Babies Champi oil in a bowl and gently massage the scalp and body in circular motions


Fragrance-free Bathtime

To reduce the risk of skin problems, children should use a soap that is fragrance-free and does not contain irritating ingredients. They can help to combat the drying effects of long baths. ShuShu Babies Fragrance-free Shampoo and body wash keep the kids safe and do not cause any side effects. Scent-free baby bath lotion and bars are less likely to irritate You can make the baby baths a bit more fun by adding bath toys. It is best to use lukewarm water in the winter to keep them warm during the winter breeze


The goodness of Arrowroot

Prickly heat isn't just a summertime problem.

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Dressing your child in too many layers can lead them to sweat and cause bacterial congestion which would again lead to rashes. Eczema, dryness, and rashes can be easily treated with talc-free arrowroot powder. This helps to absorb moisture and keep the skin sweat free and allows the skin to breathe during winter Apply a generous amount of arrowroot powder to the affected area or all over the body before using diapers or underwear to prevent diaper rash

Hypoallergenic moisturizer

Children skin is extremely sensitive and delicate. Therefore, it is prone to drying out during chilly weather. A soothing and hypoallergenic moisturizer designed for children sensitive skin would work wonders in keeping the winter dryness away from their skin. ShuShu Babies Face and Body Lotions work best when the skin is very dry All you need to do is, take a small portion on your palm and massage it gently all over their face and body. Do it multiple times during the day or whenever their skin feels dry

Limit the sun

Keep outdoor time short to prevent Sunburns. The sun maybe hidden behind clouds but it can still do a lot of harm. Although it may feel strange in winter, you have to apply sunscreen while playing indoors. It is important to get kids in the habit of wearing sunscreen when they are young because it prevents skin cancer and premature aging of the skin Cover their face with ShuShu Babies Natural sunscreen and use a little lip balm on their lips. It is quick absorbing, non greasy and has a SPF30 to protect children sensitive skin against the winter sun

Where to find natural winter care for children?

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