About us

Shushu Babies


ShuShu Babies is created to deliver goodness with love. We’re a wellness brand empowering people to live happy, healthy lives. And we’re also people, just like you. When our founder couldn’t find one brand to trust for all her everyday needs, she had to create it. And she knew that there had to be others out there looking for safe products, simple solutions and clear information about their choices, just like her. If you wanted trusted, effective and safe products for your loved ones then you are at the right place.


We believe that a happy, healthy life should be a right and not a privilege.
We know that everything you put on , in and around your body matters. A lot. That’s why we hold ourselves responsible to transparency and safety standards approved by Government and trusted organizations.


ShuShu Babies Brand was established in April 2018 as a kids clothing brand,  primarily selling on Amazon. All our clothes were manufactured in Tirupur designed by the Founder. From the beginning we have always believed in Made In India and Vocal to Local. Later through the years we worked so hard to get our brand registered with Trademark Counsel and to register ShuShu Babies as a Brand on Amazon. We were predominantly selling on Amazon and through our website www.shushubabies.com.

Considering the recent pandemic in the year of 2020, that shook the world, the company has come out with a new vision of delivering all natural and organic products safeguarding the environment for our future generations. Part of our new vision is to launch a new line of baby care products that are completely safe and at affordable prices as we believe in access to safer and clean products as a right but not a privilege.


Company was founded by I, Sulakshana Mandhadi,  who is a mother first and an entrepreneur next. That gives us the credibility to not only look at the company from a business perspective but from a mother’s point of view.

When we returned from the USA with my son, it was pretty difficult for me to get used to Indian standards of baby care products. For the first few years I managed to import products from the USA, but then I thought there has to be a solution to this. It should not be so difficult to get access to safe products. That’s when ShuShu Babies was born to make a difference in how we handle baby care products.