A Complete Guide to Kid-Care Routine | What product to use at what age?

A Complete Guide to Kid-Care Routine | What product to use at what age?

Every parent wishes to provide their kid with the purest care of nature. However, several first-time parents wonder about the right age to start the kid-care routine.

Starting a kid-care routine is easy; keeping up with it is challenging. The hardest is deciding on the proper care and determining the right age to start.

With a range of kid products emerging in the market and hundreds of brands introducing their own, it is easy to feel confused. However, even with the emerging competition, it is prudent to start a kid-care routine as early as possible. A customized routine will protect your kid’s delicate skin and prevent it from common illnesses. If you’re unaware of the common childhood illness, here’s a guide to help you out.

Common Childhood illness | Overview, Causes & Treatments

Kid care can start at any age. Even an infant can have a properly set routine. However, not every product can be used at every age. Certain guidelines need to be followed. For instance, you cannot use shower products for a 6-month-old baby, but you can use them for a toddler.

This article shall guide you in using the right product for the right age. If you’re particularly concerned about any product, feel free to jump onto it directly. By the end of this blog, you shall have all the answers to your kid’s daily routine.

 Massage and Champi Oil

Who doesn’t love a long soothing, and relaxing massage session? Massages strengthen effective blood circulation and improve bone strength. A new mother must also receive messages for the first few months after the delivery. When a baby is born, it is essential to give them regular massages to promote the growth of motor organs.

Massages can start right from birth and can be given up to 1.5 years. For a nourishing massage session, use the ShuShu Babies Natural Champi Hair Oil & Gently Nourishing Natural Baby Massage Oil.

However, one must be very careful while giving head massages as babies’ skulls are brittle in the initial years. It is always advisable to consult a doctor if unsure about the process.

Shower products

Showertime is the most happening time of one’s childhood. It is the most awaited time for parent-child bonding. It impulsively cleanses the impurities and makes the skin softer, silkier, and shinier. It is important to nourish your child with a healthy bath session after a joyful outdoor playtime. You can spice up the bath time by using shower toys and soothing lukewarm water.

When it comes to children, make sure you start a proper shower routine after 3 years. Before that, a mild cleaning using a gentle baby soap would do the job. However, there’s a catch. Make sure your kid’s shower time products are free from harmful chemicals. For a fun and happening bath time, use ShuShuBabies Natural Shampoo + Body Wash.

Stay away from brands that infuse harmful chemicals in kid-care products. Here’s the list of ingredients to avoid in kids’ products.

Harmful chemicals are found in your kid-care products.

 Skin lotions

Nourishing moisturization and hydration are prudent to keep your child’s skin healthy and glowing. A hydrating lotion is necessary for kids of every age group and even adults. Not only does it lock the necessary nutrients, but it also keeps the skin hydrated for longer hours. It is the first step taken right after a fun bath session.

The starting age to integrate a body lotion into your kid’s skincare is after they cross the 3 years threshold. Pediatricians have predefined this age as this is the age when kids start playing outdoors and are exposed to external pollutants and other impurities.

A good lotion is filled with the goodness of Shea Butter, Aleo Vera, and other hydrating ingredients. You can find all these ingredients in the ShuShu Babies Natural Face + Body Lotion.

 How to find the ultimate kid-care?

Kid-care products indeed play a major role in providing Ayurvedic care. Harmful or toxin-filled products are sure to slow down the development of children. Whereas using naturally curated kid-care would instantly boost the process of organ development in them. ShuShuBabies Naturals is an Ayurvedic baby and kid-care brand that produces naturally created Ayurvedic products procured from the depths of nature. These ingredients are natural, free from harmful synthetic chemicals, and used for kid care for ages. The ayurvedic properties of these ingredients have made them a permanent guest in every Indian home.

Ayurveda has been the driving force behind every medical miracle. It is vital to give the best possible care to all the kids. Enticing them with harmful chemicals shall cost adversely in the long run.

Shop for ShuShuBabies Naturals online and have them shipped to your doorstep.


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