4 Traditional Ayurvedic Care for Your Little Angels

4 Traditional Ayurvedic Care for Your Little Angels

4 Traditional Ayurvedic Care for Your Little Angels

Giving birth and bringing life into the world is one of nature’s most beautiful processes. The entire circle of life begins and ends with nature and it is the only thing that heals us and our babies.

Parenthood actually changes your life indefinitely. Along with the joy and celebrations, there are also worries regarding your baby’s well-being. While family and elders are always readily available for advice and support, the answers to these concerns could also be discovered in Ayurveda.

Ayurveda is the world’s oldest and greatest natural practice. It is both, preventive and healing. Therefore, it is most trusted by elders and is highly recommended by doctors for reaction-free baby care.

Traditionally, it has been used for serval medical advancements. However, with the takeover of the modern world, the traditional usage of Ayurveda in the baby-care routine has decreased. Several even disagree with the highly safe and holistic ayurvedic practices.

Ayurvedic Care
Years come and go, but the roots survive. Ayurveda is one such root that produces the best results; the only requirement is that you understand its significance and value the results.

It is a vast storehouse of knowledge that benefits people of all ages, particularly mothers and babies. This is a list of traditional ayurvedic practices that have been practiced since ancient times. However, it is always advisable to consult a medical or Ayurvedic practitioner if you or your baby have a health concern.

Talk/Sing to Babies


Nowadays the easiest way to keep a kid distracted is by allowing them screen time. It keeps them engaged and gives the parents time to do their work. While it may be the simplest way out, it’s still wrong.

Studies prove that a kid develops a strong bond with their parents in their childhood years. They may be unable to express their feelings but require constant love and reassurance. Talking to them is an essential part of their development.

It’s during the initial years, that a baby starts recognizing their parent’s voice. It is important for them to feel safe and relaxed and respond to that sound. Therefore, make sure you don’t miss any chance to talk and sing a lullaby to your baby.

Essential Oil Massage

Babies are born with 300 bones that eventually grow together and form 206 bones. That means their bones and muscles aren’t fully developed until later years. That also means they require special care to help them strengthen their bone muscles. 

Massages can be very helpful in their initial years. A calming blend of ayurvedic essential oils builds greater immunity, strengthens muscles, improves blood flow, and helps them sleep better. It also aids in developing a deeper connection with their parents.

A full body massage with occasional head massage with ShuShu Babies massage oils should be included in their daily routine to keep them happy and healthy.

The Sun and Moon Therapy

Although it is advisable to keep the baby indoors for at least four months, exposing an infant to sunlight and moonlight makes an exception. Introducing them to sunlight can be done in a house with maximum sunlight exposure. 

Sunlight alleviates jaundice, raises serotonin levels, improves insulin sensitivity, and provides vitamin D to babies. Moonlight exposure soothes a child’s nervous system and helps to balance a mother’s monthly cycle.

Once the baby is old enough, you can apply ShuShu Babies sunscreen made with ayurvedic ingredients to protect them from the outside surroundings.

Use a Swinging Cradle

Rocking Cradle
One of the ayurvedic practices that promote sound sleep is allowing the baby to sleep in an Indian-style jhoola. The gently rocking cradle is extremely beneficial to a child’s muscle development and weight gain. 

Babies feel safe and secure in the jhoola, and the warmth is comparable to that of a mother’s womb, making them feel safe, secure, and cozy. A cloth jhoola is far more comfortable and convenient for infants than hard-bedded cradles.

Where to find Ayurvedic care?

Baby care indeed plays a serious role in providing natural care. Harmful or toxic ingredients are bound to cause severe damage & slow down their development. Whereas using naturally curated baby care would instantly boost the method of organ development in them. 

ShuShuBabies Naturals is an Ayurvedic baby and kid-care brand that produces naturally created Ayurvedic products procured from the depths of nature. These ingredients are natural, free from harmful synthetic chemicals, and are used for baby care for ages. The ayurvedic properties of those ingredients have made them a permanent guest in every Indian home.

Natural ingredients are the driving force behind every medical miracle. Enticing them with harmful chemicals shall cost adversely in the long run. It’s vital to give the best possible care to all babies.

Shop for ShuShu Babies Naturals online and have them shipped to your doorstep.

ShuShu Babies

ShuShu Babies

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