10 Tips to Help Child Get a Good Night’s Sleep

10 Tips to Help Child Get a Good Night’s Sleep

10 Tips to Help Child Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Parents are concerned about the amount of sleep their children get. Much depends upon their age and their growth. The amount of sleep needed varies from child to child.

What tips to keep in mind for healthy sleep for a kid?

  1. Start the bedtime routine much in advance: It is necessary for the child to relax prior to sleep and naturally it is not easy to shift from physical activity to mental activity. A half an hour relaxation period is good enough; in other words, the child needs to settle down a bit.  This helps him or her to sleep at the right time. Having dim lights is a good idea.
  2. Focusing on a calm bedtime sort of routine: It is good to go in for quiet and soothing activities like giving the child a warm bath or perhaps reading a bedtime story to the child in order for him or her to relax. It is good to adhere to a predictable pattern of routine while putting the child to sleep. The child needs to brush his or her teeth. Wash the face and put on the
  3. Turning off devices at least an hour before bed: The blue light coming from a cell phone. TV or phone or perhaps a computer screen can disturb the child and affect the brain functioning by waking it up and thus making it difficult to sleep.
  4. Regular sleep and wake-up timings: Bodily functions get affected in case there is no regular pattern of sleep and wake-up timings. A regulated sleep pattern helps the child to rest well. Setting up a particular sleep time ad wake-up time and sticking to it helps. The same pattern of sleep routine should also apply on weekends too.
  5. Avoidance of caffeine and sugar in the afternoons and evenings: These stimulants make it difficult to fall asleep. They make a person wake up at odd times and also cause shallow sleep.
  6. Enjoying physical activity as well as sunshine during the day: It is good to ensure physical exercise as it permits sleep at a later time. It is good to encourage the child to get exposed to adequate sunlight in the day, especially in the morning hours. Bright light suppresses melatonin and thus the child does remain alert and awake during day time and sleepy at night.
  7. Avoid spending too much time non-sleep in bed: It is better to avoid spending hours doing some activity in bed before sleep time.
  8. Creation of perfect sleeping environment – The child’s bedroom must be dark and comfortable, quiet as well as of cool temperature. In case the child is afraid of the darkness, then it is good to place a dim light.
  9. Nighttime check-ins need to be brief and less disturbing: The child feels reassured if the parents pop in occasionally.  Help the child to walk back to the room if he or she wakes up at night with fewer noises.
  10. The child needs to feel safe a night: In case the child feels afraid at times, it is good to praise them when n they happen to be brave. This way they feel confident about themselves.


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